Saturday, August 1, 2009

Critical Mass Vancouver July 31, 2009 Part 8

Watching this video, it doesn't take long to notice that this isn't about sharing space with bikers, but about occupation of a critical transportation corridor - and on the Friday of a long weekend no less. This isn't about participating, but about exluding others, and incoveniencing the maximum number of people not in their camp. Notice how they block both lanes of the bridge and stop in the middle of the bridge and hang out. What purpose does this possibly serve? I suppose the critically injured person sitting in an ambulance is shit out of luck.

What's even more amazing is that the current city authorities have taken the position that it is better to "avoid confrontation" with anarchists, than to maintain freedom of movement for law-abiding citizens. The police actually authorize unlawful behaviour rather that maintain order.

If the current city officials can't or won't maintain rule of law, citizens should find new ones that can and will. Otherwise the chaos and anarchy will spread.

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